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2012 Kubota KX121-3ST


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Dig Depth (inches): 133, Max Dump Height: 145, Shipping Weight: 9,063, Thumb, Thumb Type: Hydraulic, Track Type: Rubber


Clean-running Kubota Engine (Interim Tier IV): Powerful and dependable, the KX121-3S's diesel engine delivers superior horsepower and performance. It offers low noise and vibration levels, exceptional fuel efficiency, and complies with the EPA's 2008 interim Tier IV emissions regulations.

Adjustable max. oil flow on auxiliary circuit: The digital instrument panal lets you control the oil flow according to your needs or the attachment in use. It eliminates the hassle of using tools to change settings manually, so you don't have to leave the cabin. When using a tilt bucket, you can slow the flow to get just the right control to gently shape a swale. Alternatively, for a brush cutter, direct the oil flow to one side of the excavator arm. The system will even store your settings for the next time you need it, saving time and quickly regulating the flow requirements. Adjustable oil flow enhances performance and saves fuel.

Strong bucket breakout force: Even when heavily loaded, the KX121-3S won't slow down, thanks to its powerful breakout force. With the pin-on or quick coupler bucket, the bucket breakout force is more than enough for even the tough excavating jobs.

Load-sensing hydraulic system: You no longer need to change lever strokes to adjust the amount of oil required for varying job loads. Control valves automatically regulate and distribute the optimum amount of oil to each cylinder based on the weight of the load, resulting in perfectly matched speed, power, and cylinder timing. Even the slightest operator movements produce smooth and simultaneous operation of the boom, arm, bucket and house.

Wide-open covers for easy maintenance: The KX121-3S is a breeze to maintain. The side and rear covers open wide and the main components are centrally located, giving you quick and easy access to all vital areas, including the engine, fuel tank, water separator, radiator, coolant reservoir, air filter, control valve and hydraulic tank.

Air conditioner filter cartridge: The air conditioner filter cartridge features a new frame which is easy to access and slides out for cleaning and maintenance.

Thumb bracket and relief valve as standard: The factory-installed thumb bracket and relief valve significantly reduce the time needed to mount the optional hydraulic thumb.

  • Type: Steel / Rubber
  • Model: Kubota V2203-M-E3
  • Output (SAEJ 1995 gross): HP (kW)/rpm: 40.5 (30.2) / 2250
  • Output (SAEJ 1349 net): HP (kW)/rpm: 39.0 (29.1) / 2250
  • Displacement: cu. in. (cc): 134.1 (2197)
  • Overall length: ft. in. (mm): 16'9" (5090)
  • Overall height: Canopy / Cab: ft. in. (mm): 8'3" (2495) / 8'2" (2480)
  • Overall width: ft. in. (mm): 5'7" (1700)
  • Min. ground clearance: in. (mm): 13.0" (330)
Hydraulic System
  • Pump capacity: GPM (l/min): 25.0 (94.5)
  • Auxiliary hydraulic flow: GPM (l/min): 15.9 (60)
  • Max. breakout force: Bucket lbs. (kgf): 8754 (3970)
  • Max. breakout force: Arm lbs. (kgf): 3947 (1790)
Drive System
  • Travel speed: Low / High: mph (km/h): 1.7 (2.7) / 3.1 (5.0)
  • Max. traction force: Low speed: lbs. (kgf): 9867 (4485)
  • Tumbler distance: ft. in. (mm): 5'8" (1710)
  • Crawler length: ft. in. (mm): 7'2" (2175)
  • Shoe width: in. (mm): 13.8" (350)
  • Ground contact pressure: Canopy Rubber / Steel: psi (kgf/cm2): 4.41 (0.31) / 4.41 (0.31)
  • Ground contact pressure: Cab Rubber / Steel: psi (kgf/cm2): 4.41 (0.31) / 4.55 (0.32)
Swing System
  • Unit swing speed: rpm: 9.4
  • Boom swing angle: Left / Right: degree: 80 / 50
  • Width: ft. in. (mm): 5'7" (1700)
  • Height: in. (mm): 13.8" (350)
  • Max. lift above ground: in. (mm): 15.7" (400)
  • Max. drop below ground: in. (mm): 15.9" (405)
Capacities and Weight
  • Hydraulic oil (reservoir / system): gal (l): 12.0 (46) / 19.8 (75)
  • Fuel reservoir: gal (l): 16.9 (64)
  • Operating weight (Including operator's weight 175 lbs.): Canopy Rubber / Steel: lbs. (kgf): 9061 / 9204
  • Operating weight (Including operator's weight 175 lbs.): Cab Rubber / Steel: lbs. (kgf): 9259 / 9403
  • Type: Canopy / Cab



Engine Type
Engine Manufacturer
Gross: 40.5 hp (30.2 kW); Net: 39.0 hp (29.1 kW)
Rated RPM
2250 rpm
Fuel Capacity
16.9 gal. (64 L)


16 ft. 9 in. (5090 mm)
5 ft. 7 in. (1700 mm)
Canopy: 8 ft. 3 in. (2495 mm); Cab: 8 ft. 2 in. (2480 mm)
Canopy: 9061 lb. with rubber tracks; 9204 lb. with steel tracks; Cab: 9259 lb. with rubber tracks; 9403 lb. with steel tracks
Hydraulic System
Pump capacity: 25.0 gpm (94.5 Lpm)
Boom Swing
Left: 80 deg.; Right: 50 deg.
Max Dig Depth
11 ft. 6 in. (3505 mm)
Max Dump Height
12 ft. 9 in. (3890 mm)
Max Reach
18 ft. 5 in. (5600 mm)
1.7/3.1 mph (2.7/5.0 km/h)